Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule

 2nd Edition

(ADOS - 2)

What is the ADOS assessment?

It is a semi-structured assessment of communication, social interaction and play typically used for individuals suspected of having autism.

How long will it take?

It will usually take from between 45mins – one hour depending on the individual child.

What can I expect in the assessment?

There are a range of activities that focus on communication and social interaction presented during the assessment with the child’s response to activities recorded.


Am I able to stay in the room?

Absolutely- we encourage parent/s or carers to remain in the room to allow your child to feel as comfortable as possible.

Do I need to prepare or do anything for the assessment?

All activities are provided although in some cases 2 snacks for observation may be requested to be brought along


Does the ADOS assessment provide a diagnosis of autism?

No, but it provides valuable information that is utilised in conjunction with other information that a paediatrician can use for a medical investigation.