About Us

Tech Speaking is a private Speech Pathology practice dedicated to assisting children and their families.  We offer a family centered service by working in partnership with our clients.

Located at Browns Plains, we are easily accessible to families from Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast.  We are an approved provider for the Better Start Initiative early intervention funding and Helping Children With Autism.  We know that everyone's needs and situation is different and we strive to provide a service that is flexible in meeting individuals needs. 

Tips for Parents: Language developments
  • Ensure face to face contact when speaking

  • Encourage taking turns in conversation

  • Follow your child's lead and follow what they are interested in

  • Acknowledge all attempts as communicating and reward your child's efforts

  • Use appropriate questions such as "what if?", "what now"

  • Use books as a chance to communicate - looking at pictures together, take turns and name objects or actions