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Hanen Programs

Our speech pathologists are certified in Hanen's It Takes Two to Talk and the More than Words Program. It Takes Two to Talk is specifically designed for parents of children (birth to 5 years old)  with language delays; whereas More than Words is targeted at parents with children ages 5 and under on the autism spectrum and with other social communication difficulties. In a comfortable setting, you’ll learn how you can build your child’s language skills naturally during everyday routines and activities.  


The Lidcombe program is a treatment developed specifically for stuttering in children younger than six.  However, it is known to be effective also with school-aged children.  It is delivered as an individual and tailored therapy program to provide your children the best opportunity to overcome stuttering.

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

PECS allows people with little or no communication abilities to communicate using pictures. It is a unique augmentative/alternative communication intervention package for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and related developmental disabilities.